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This is Why Homeowners Love Solid Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring

A glance at new homes, as well as new commercial premises, reveals the increase in the use of solid hardwood flooring. This is an interesting trend, and it is one of the recommendations you will get if you visit any of the flooring Dallas TX stores in search of the right flooring materials. The increase in popularity of this flooring material is not by any chance, but due to the certain subtle advantages, it has over other flooring materials. If you have been wondering why solid wooden floors are all of a sudden receiving too much attention in the construction world, here are some of the reasons to help you understand-:

They have great aesthetics

Home flooring


The interior look of the home is always a huge factor of concern when deciding on the flooring materials. In most cases, the desire of the homeowner is not just to find a strong material for the floors, but also one that will be in tandem with the desired interior décor. With regards to wooden flooring, they have the strength as well as the aesthetics needed to enhance the interior décor of homes. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs that irrespective of what you already have for your décor, you are sure to find just the right kinds of wooden floors to match them.

They require low maintenance

Low maintenance

One of the admirable features of solid wooden floors is that they require very little maintenance. They are easy to clean and will remain clean for longer than most floors made from other flooring materials. In most cases, you will be required to clean them by sweeping just once a week, or a couple of times if they are installed in a place that gets a lot of foot traffic. You can also dry mop or vacuum clean them occasionally to keep them in great condition. The reason why solid wooden floors are easy to care and maintain is that they are stain resistant compared to carpets or other flooring materials such as tiles.


Hardwood flooring is very strong and durable. Though they may get scratches or dents at some time, these are never enough to interfere with their core attributes of strength, durability, and aesthetics. Besides, when the floors take up stains, scratches or marks, such can always be removed with little care and maintenance, as well as regular cleaning. The last thing homeowners want is to be replacing their floors every now and then, and in solid wooden floors they have found the right solution, since it is almost a kind of install and forget floor style.

Improve acoustics

Improve acoustics

The use of solid wooden floors helps in improving the acoustics inside the rooms in which they are installed. There are certain times when vibrations and hollow sounds may be experienced in rooms, and if you have the wrong flooring materials, it is possible for such sounds and vibrations to be exaggerated within the rooms. The acoustic properties of these floors are the primary reason why they are the ideal choice for installation on premises such as music halls, dance studios, and other commercial premises. But don’t think that if you don’t have a dance studio or a music hall, then you should not install these floors in your home. With them installed at home, you will have a better experience with your home theatre or whatever the sound system you may have in your house.

Improves the air quality

Air Quality

The other admirable feature of solid wooden flooring is the fact that they don’t trap animal dander, dust, particulate matter or any other kind of allergens as is always the case with carpets and other flooring materials. As such, they help to improve the air quality of the rooms in which they are installed. Tiles and laminate may also not trap dirt and other allergens, but they do have grout lines where lots of dust and other allergens to accumulate. When that happens, the indoor air quality will be compromised and it may mark the genesis of all manner of allergic reactions amongst the family members. If you have allergies or have family members with allergies, the choice of wooden floors will go a long way in helping them have some reprieve from some of the allergies.

They are eco-friendly

In addition to saving your money because of their affordability, solid hardwood floors also help in saving the environment. Though they are made from trees, the trees used in making most of the hardwood flooring materials are known to grow and regrow very fast, thus making the flooring materials natural and eco-friendly.

Add value to your home

It has been established that buyers are willing to pay more for your home if you have installed solid hardwood floors. Most of the homeowners currently don’t appreciate carpets on floors very much. When they come to home viewing and they find an old, dirty carpet on the floor, their perception may change so quickly and they may be hesitant to give a great offer. But with the solid hardwood on the floor, you will be highly likely to entertain better offers because the buyers also know about the importance of hardwood flooring in homes.

They come with natural patterns

With carpets, you will mostly get one solid color, perhaps with a few varying patterns. But they are never as beautiful, authentic and natural as what you find with solid hardwood flooring. Real solid hardwood floors will not have the regular factory patterns and all you will find are natural unique patterns featuring a blend of swirls and shades that will add more flavor to your interior décor. Additionally, the colors on the solid hardwood flooring will not fade over time, as is the case with the other types of flooring materials. They will thus look better for longer, ensuring that your home will always have the charm to wow your visitor every time they come in.