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Boston University Graduates that own Companies Everyone has heard of

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Boston University is a very prestigious educational institution. What is more, the competition is high which is the reason why writing an impressive Boston University admissions essay is not an easy task to complete. Yet, most of its graduates typically become very successful and achieve all their goals. Therefore, all those frustrating years of dealing with all kinds of Boston University essay will finally pay off. 

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If you are currently working on your Boston University supplement essay or are searching for an interesting subject to dwell upon in your why BU essay, focusing on all those graduates who have managed to achieve huge career success is a topic the Boston University admissions office will definitely pay special attention to. So, here are a few graduates who have started their own business or have founded their own companies which you can dwell upon in your Boston University essay. 

The first person to mention is Margaret Wallace who graduated from Boston University in 1989. In 2001, she co-founded Skunk Studios, and in 2007 she already managed to found Rebel Monkey which is an entertaining company that became popular because of the game CampFu that got launched there. Since then, she is considered to be one of the most influential women in the gaming industry. If you are looking for a very successful woman to dwell upon in your Boston University undergraduate admissions essay, Margaret Wallace is definitely the person to choose. Perhaps, she is one of your role models as well as the reason why you have decided to enter this educational institution. If that is the case, feel free to mention this fact in your why BU essay. 

Another prominent figure to mention in your Boston University essay is Patriсk Spain who has had a rather extraordinary career. He majored in law and graduated in 1979. The first company he launched was called Hoovers. It was focused on business research. Later, he sold this company and founded an advertising-based online news site. As you can see, he started working in a field that is very different from the area he majored in. This aspect is of key importance to anyone who wants to start their own business but is afraid to do so: no matter whether you have majored in nursing or writing poetry, this should not stop you from following your dreams, especially when you feel like you can actually do it. You will quickly learn and develop new skills as soon as you join the business world. Furthermore, you will have to acquire tons of new knowledge one way or another. 

Mickey Drexler is another Boston University graduate who has had a successful career in tons of big companies, such as Apple, Bloomingdales and Gap Inc. Having acquired all necessary experience, he went on to start his own company called Drexler Ventures that is aimed at providing funding to new startups, as well as offering advisory services. Apart from that, the man is also a chairman in a company called Outdoor Voices which a brand of activewear. 

Another person to mention in regards to successful Boston University graduates is Bruce Karatz. He is both a businessman and philanthropist who is mainly interested in the field of property. Bruce Karatz has been the CEO of a homebuilding company called KB Home for a very long time until he founded a real estate company Nafilyan & Partners with a group of other successful businessmen and investors. 

What it all boils down to is that studying at Boston University will be a great start for your successful career. You will acquire all necessary knowledge and experience, as well as graduate having all important contacts and having met all these incredible people who you may someday work with or even start a company together. Studying at college is not merely about acquiring knowledge. It is also about networking. Some business owners even highlight the fact that college networking is one of the first steps you need to take if you want to build a successful career in the field you are interested in. All in all, studying at Boston University will definitely be an advantageous experience for you. The acceptance rate is high. Yet, you will get both useful knowledge and meet a lot of people who may soon become your business partners if you choose to apply to Boston University. 

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