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How People Love to Spend Their Time Online

The advent of the internet has changed the world for the better. It is among the revolutionary and most transformative inventions of modern times. At the beginning of this century, there were nearly 400 million internet users worldwide, and the number has increased to more than 470 million users in 2020. Whether it is personal life or professional life, the internet is a must everywhere, and those in search of better internet might look for internet availability by address in order to find the provider that is offering the best price and speed in their area. When it comes to what people use the internet for, users love to watch live TV and sporting events on the internet these days, rather than TV. The internet has also made it possible to gamble online. Online gambling has become a full-grown industry thanks to the advent of the internet. People can easily bet on their favorite team or players whenever they want. Popular platforms like provide reliable betting options where players can spend time relaxing and enjoying games.

There are many different ways people love to spend their time online. Some people love to play video games such as Diablo 2, perhaps purchasing diablo 2 runewords and other items to boost their game, as well as joining in others games online with friends. Others love to listen to music, watch videos online, do online shopping in various stores, bank, exchange information, and do lots of other stuff using the internet. In a nutshell, it is unimaginable to live without the internet. Here, we are going to discuss some of these online activities that are popular these days.


This form of entertainment has seen exponential growth since its introduction in the 1970s. However, its arrival in the digital world has changed many things. Online gaming has become a prevalent activity these days. Users prefer to play games on their smartphones and PCs without being tied to the game discs. Online gaming has made it possible to access the latest releases instantly. Plus, since the game selection is very wide, players can pick any title from the vast collection on the internet. PUBG, Fortnite, COD, CoC, and several examples of online gaming have brought a revolution in the gaming industry. Simply, the culture of online gaming has reached new heights in the past two decades, and it is expected to witness even more growth in the future.


Here, with streaming, we want to include every activity related to online streaming. Users love to stream music, videos, live TV, and even games. Unlike earlier good old days, users prefer to stream songs and movies rather than downloading them on their devices. According to the statistics, 7 out of 10 internet users engage in any of the above-mentioned online activities. YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Prime Video, Twitch, and options are abundant when talking about online streaming. The massive collection of various forms of entertainment is just a few taps away. The number of cord-cutter has increased in the last decade as everyone is embracing online streaming services. Besides, the adoption of streaming in video games has also brought the concept of eSports where users can watch professional players’ gameplay.

Online Shopping

Shopping online has become a new normal thing of the modern lifestyle. Every next person loves to order various things online. Online shopping stores like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, eBay, and Wish are among the popular online stores worldwide. The eCommerce industry is touching new milestones every year. People love to shop online because they don’t have to visit local shops, and they can save lots of time. Plus, the choice of products and services is also extensive on the internet.

However, online shopping is not limited to buy gadgets, apparel, shoes, and furniture. These days, people even prefer to order food online so that they don’t have to visit the restaurant. Since the possibilities are endless on the internet, users are happily adopting the new things that this modern digital world has to offer.

Social Network

Without a doubt, you had this in mind when you opened this article. Social media networking is among the most popular online activities nowadays. Communication and sharing media files on their account are not the only things that make the social network very popular, but the inclusion of the latest news in the feed also makes a great difference. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, and TikTok are the pioneers in this category. This online activity offers entertainment, fun, instant communication, and knowledge. Apart from the common users, businesses also use social networking platforms to reach a wide range of customers. So, social media has narrowed the gap between businesses and customers.


This is a new digital activity that is picking the momentum. Availability of online courses and teaching online is not a new thing. But in the last two years, people have been adopting e-learning concepts widely. Whatever you want to learn, you will find the course online. Whether you want to learn music, a new language, or coding, the choices are limitless on the internet. Current conditions have also made schools shift online. The future of online education or online learning activities seems brighter, and we would definitely see a huge surge of new users this decade.

Bottom line

While these are only a handful of activities, there are many more popular online activities among users. With every passing day, these activities will increase and be embedded with our daily lives.