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7 Weekend Bonding Activities With Kids

Almost all working adults are busy with their tight schedules from work, and have little time to squeeze in quality moments with the family during weekdays. For some, weekends are the only time they have to create memorable moments with their kids. Here are some weekend bonding activities for you and your kids:

1.   Have a Picnic

Having a picnic in the park with the family is one of the most popular ways of spending time with them. Since most people go to the park during the weekends, it may be difficult to find a spot for you and your family. You can still enjoy this summertime activity by having a picnic in your backyard. You can prepare traditional picnic foods such as potato chips, fruits, and sandwiches. Your kids will enjoy the outdoor dining experience, fresh air, and a dose of vitamin D right inside your backyard.

2.   Create a Garden Labyrinth

Creating a garden labyrinth can be a fun activity for your children. You can use twigs, stones, or unmowed grass to build patterns that will catch the interest of your kids. The internet is full of pattern ideas which you may apply in your backyard. Young ones will love traversing the twists and turns of the labyrinth.

3.   Treasure Hunting

Many kids love a scavenger hunt. Parents will also have a grand time preparing the treasure hunt for their kids. You can use dime-store jewels and treasures hidden in your garden and provide your kids a treasure map. Draw a map on paper and soak it into your coffee to make an ancient look and rip its edges. Hide the map somewhere in your house and let them find the hidden treasure.

4.   Cook With Your Kids

Weekends will not always have good weather. You can teach your kids how to cook or bake in your kitchen for cold or rainy days. They can make crusts, pizza, pie, biscuits, and delicious homemade cake as they roll the dough with their hands and fingers. After baking, let them know how successful they are in the kitchen. Don’t also forget to teach them how to clean up.

5.   Stargazing

We have to admit that we used to do this when we were kids and enjoy the clear night sky for stargazing. You can also do this activity with your kids during weekends, especially if there are no weather disturbances. You can download a star chart on the internet and print them on paper to get more details. This will let your children learn about some constellations.

Another way to enjoy the stars at night would be to watch a meteor shower. There are a series of meteor showers throughout the year, and your children can witness the event while you teach them about making a wish when they see a falling star.

6.   Backyard Camping

Kids love doing outdoor activities, especially going camping with the family. There are times that campgrounds may be full of campers, and it is overcrowded. You can create your own campsite inside your living room by setting up some blanket forts or tents. Prepare a candle or a lantern as your bonfire, then serve your kids some hotdogs and s’mores while telling them some stories.

7.   Nature and Art Appreciation

Take your kids for a walk in your backyard or any hunting parkas TX Fowlers is helping you get the most out of your hunting experience. Ask your kids to collect fallen leaves and once you get home, lay the leaves on a piece of paper and create a silhouette by rubbing a crayon over it. You may also teach your kids to paint the leaves and use them as artwork stamps.

You can do all these activities as your weekend bonding with your kids and make every moment memorable. Ensure that you will find time for your kids, not just every weekend, but do it every day as simple as you can.