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Why are Double Eyelids Attractive?

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Even though perceptions of beauty vary, there appears to be a common norm when it comes to attractiveness and facial features.

Double eyelids are attractive because they have a greater definition than monolids, and numerous studies have found that the eyelid crease on the upper half of the eye is what gives the eyes its beauty. Most people tend to see the double eyelids as a yardstick for standard beauty.

Most people do not take notice of their eyelids because they feel it’s normal, but there are those who are not comfortable with their single eyelids.

Furthermore, people from Asia feel that double eyelids are more appealing even though they are not in any way better than monolids which is why the number of people seeking eyelid surgery in Singapore has increased over the last few years, especially after the boom of interest in South Korea.

Double Eyelids vs. Single Eyelids: The Difference

The term double eyelids are frequently used to describe significant differences in human eyes.

Double eyelids describe an upper eyelid having a supratarsal wrinkle, or fold, above the lash line.

Due to the existing natural eyelid furrow, the top of the double eyelid has some form of lining, and this makes the eyelids appear larger.

On the other hand, a monolid or single eyelid is the opposite of a double eyelid. Monolids don’t have an upper eyelid fold like double eyelids, and they don’t appear to have a lining.

Monolids are rare and mostly found among people living in Asian countries, such as China, Singapore, South Korea, etc.

Why Do People Want Double Eyelids?

Most people have their reasons why they want double eyelids. It may be for their career or because they derive joy in it.

One shouldn’t be judged based on their facial appearance, either as having a double eyelid or a monolid. Medically, single and double eyelids are both normal, and each person has a unique eye shape and level of eyelid crease.

The fact that people with monolids frequently appear weary, drowsy, or bored when they aren’t is a reason why they feel insecure about their monolid.

The belief that having double eyelids can help you land a better job and create more chances overall is widely held in Singapore and South Korea.

Is it Advisable to Go for Double Eyelid Surgery?

It all depends on your expectations, psychological adjustment, and what you want.

A large portion of Asians have single eyelids, and while some are completely comfortable with it, others wish to improve their eyes.

As a result, people tend to switch to medical procedures like double eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) to achieve what they have in mind.

You can trust that you will receive excellent surgery as long as you stick with a qualified plastic surgeon who has attained certification.

What is Double Eyelids Surgery?

Blepharoplasty is the word used by the medical community to describe any cosmetic procedure involving the eyelids, including double eyelid surgery.

You can get blepharoplasty to create double lids if you have monolids, which will improve your self-esteem and comfort level.

It’s one of the most commonly used procedures nowadays and is well-liked everywhere.

Types of Double Eyelid Surgery

You have a choice between two different eyelid surgery techniques, which are listed below.

Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

The first is double eyelid surgery with an incision. This technique entails creating incisions in the eyelids, removing the appropriate fat and muscle, and then fixing the contour using the remaining muscle and skin.

Suture Double Eyelid Surgery

The suture method is the second. The upper eyelid muscle and skin are joined together by tiny sutures as a result of this. This is where scar tissue eventually develops, resulting in the double eyelid crease.

Both treatments have few adverse effects, are quite easy to do, and are permanent. Just be ready for some downtime while your eyes heal from the procedure.

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Benefits of Double Eyelid Surgery

There are more advantages to double eyelid surgery than just an increase in confidence! In addition to assisting you in overcoming your concerns, the operation truly comes with a wide range of benefits.

Removal of Excess Skin

Skin removal from the area around your eyes may help make you look younger, in addition to making you appear more alert.

This is because wider eyes are frequently linked to a younger appearance.

By taking off the bulky lid, you can show more of your eyes and turn back time on your face.

Applying Makeup is Simpler

Many people who go from monolids to double eyelids claim that applying makeup is significantly easier afterward!

A Natural Look

You don’t have to worry about having eyelid surgery if you don’t like the plastic surgery look very much. Once your eyes have healed, the results are remarkably natural-looking, and it would be very difficult for a stranger to tell you’ve had surgery.

Look Smarter

Since monolids are often heavier and hang lower over the eyes, having surgery to convert to double lids may make you appear more alert. Monolids’ typical drowsy puffiness ought to be significantly diminished.

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What is the Cost of Double Eyelid Surgery?

The cost of double eyelid surgery varies, but the average cost is $3,275, although the price can go as high as $6,800. For an exact price on your double eyelid surgery, you should consult with a well-reviewed cosmetic surgeon like the one at Shens Clinic has performed countless double eyelid surgeries, so you should be in good hands. They are located at Winsland House 1, #09-08, 3 Killiney Road, Singapore, Singapore 239519, and you can get in touch over the phone at +65 6904 4488.

What are the Side Effects of Double Eyelid Surgery?

Some of the more frequent side effects of this plastic surgery include bleeding, swelling, infection, and dry eyes. It can also result in eye muscle damage, the inability to close your eyes, and blurred vision.

How Long Does the Healing Process for Double Eyelid Surgery Take?

It takes about seven to ten days, depending on your body type. The pain often goes down within one to two days. But it may take more than a week for your eyes to stop swelling.

Is Having Double Eyelid Surgery Painful?

Since the surgery is usually under local or general anesthesia, it is painless.

On the first day, when the anesthetic wears off and after the surgery, there could be some minor pain and discomfort.


Double Eyelids are attractive, and It’s important to know that every form of the eyelid is lovely and natural. There’s no need to feel bad about your eyelids either monolid.