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Water Leaking Into Basement after Heavy Rain: Why Do You Need Pros?

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While a basement leak is considered a common issue, every time, it can lead to the homeowner’s frustration. As unpleasant as any leak is, it is always a quest to discover the source of unwanted water entering the house and eliminate the issue. Whatever the reason for basement leaking is, be it heavy rains, storms, a leaky roof, or a burst pipe, one thing is clear — you’d better resolve a problem as soon as possible. The longer you leave untreated water in the basement after rain, the higher the repair costs will be: water leaking inside a house can sustain extensive damage, including destroyed floors and drywalls, mold infestation, and weakened structural integrity.

Signs of a Basement Leak

  • Excess water on the floor
  • Wet patches on the walls and flooring
  • Puffed paints on the walls
  • Bumped flooring
  • Musty odor
  • High humid content in the air inside the house
  • Mold spots on walls and/or flooring

If you spot one or several signs (ponds on the basement floor, damp spots, or musty odor), this is a solid reason to contact pros to reveal the reason for the basement leaking and start repairs immediately.

Basement Leak: The Most Commonly Encountered Causes

First of all, you should discover the cause of high moisture content or unwanted water.

Generally, there are two common sources:

  • excessive indoor humidity
  • outside water (vapor).

Indoor leaks in plumbing, particularly a slab leak, scale up moisture content in the house and lead to increased condensation. Outdoor water, such as rain, groundwater, or melting snow, is typically absorbed by the soil, but vapor can leak into the basement via cracks and overly porous concrete. Additionally, a leaky roof, insufficient insulation, overflowing gutters, and too short downspouts can be the reason for water in the basement after rain.

Note: It is impossible to overestimate the importance of regular gutter maintenance recommended by most restoration pros as a method of preventing leaks.

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What to Do If You Face a Basement Leak

Whatever the cause is, you’d better leave water damage remediation to qualified specialists.


  • Firstly, a leaking foundation can undermine the safety of the entire construction. Definitely, you need pros to inspect the property for its safety.
  • Secondly, if not treated right away, you might face additional issues that can be hazardous to your health and require costly repairs. Mold spores spread with lightning speed in moisture-rich environments; mold is toxic to both humans and pets and can lead to the worsening of chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Hence, unwanted water in your house requires immediate action.

Most homeowners aren’t qualified and do not have the necessary skills and equipment to tackle basement leaks. The optimal solution is to contact professionals specializing in water damage repairs and restoration.

How to Choose a Right Contractor

As water damage requires an immediate response, look for companies offering emergency services. Available 24/7, the crew will set out to your place promptly to estimate the damage and take action to prevent subsequent destruction. Equipped with dedicated tools, such as pumps, air-blowers, dehumidifiers, and IR mold detectors, pros are capable of tackling the problem in minimal time. Once the excess water has been pumped out or dried, they can fix the cause of the leak and restore the property to its initial state.

Note: Make sure to choose a licensed contractor that provides certified services. Avoid companies that have no licensing data and ask for large cash deposits.

Reliable contractors usually publish license and certification information on their websites, sign a contract with a client, and process payments via bank cards. To make the right choice, you can always ask colleagues and neighbors for recommendations, read online reviews, and check customer feedback on resources like Trustpilot, BBB, or Yelp.

Advantages of Hiring Pros

Compared to DIY repairs, hiring a specialized contractor has evident benefits:

  • Fast damage estimation. Companies offering emergency services will send fully-equipped crews in a matter of minutes. Reputable companies provide free online or on-site estimation of repair costs. Pros are well aware that when it comes to leaks and water damage, time plays a crucial role. The faster the problem is tackled, the less you’ll pay.
  • Leak source detection. Pros can reveal hidden leaks unnoticeable to ordinary homeowners. Prompt repairs. Obviously, qualified and experienced specialists with advanced dedicated equipment can resolve the issue much faster than a homeowner struggling with DIY methods on his own.
  • Assistance with insurance claims. Given their experience in the industry, contractors usually guide their clients through the process of filing the insurance claim.
  • Full on-site management. You don’t need to deal with suppliers to get the required materials and coordinate the work of plumbers and electricians — the team representative will control and manage all work stages, from initial estimation to clean up and final inspection.
  • Service quality assurance. Trustworthy companies provide warranties for their services.

Some companies offer post-damage remodeling services so that you can renovate and even upgrade your home. Actually, improving your home after it has been damaged is a viable option: as long as pros are at your home managing a leak, you can renew your home: change damaged flooring, install new drywalls in other color-palette, or remodel kitchen/bathroom to match your unique requirements.

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If remodeling is in your plans, opt for a restoration company that offers both repair and remodel services. As a result, you will have a renovated and improved home of higher market value.


Basement leaks require urgent attention and actions as they can pose a threat to your property and health. Delays may lead to further complications and more costly repairs. Thus, contact water damage specialists promptly, ideally as soon as you’ve noticed a leak. Restoration companies that offer emergency services 24/7 will handle the problem fast, saving you time and funds.