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Butterfly Clothes Pin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craft

Everyday Shae comes home from school and empties her backpack of a stack of papers. Among these papers are art projects and drawings that she cherishes with every fiber of her being. She’s 6 so every single crayon stroke is important to her. I’ve often turned my kitchen walls into a mini art gallery but there is something about the refrigerator that beckons a masterpiece. That’s why these Butterfly Clothespin Magnets are so handy to have.

ClothesPin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craft Making these fridge magnets can be done by any child, any age. The materials used can vary from foam sheets to wooden shapes to molded clay.

ClothesPin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craft

Cardstock butterfly
Fine point markers
Glitter glue, glitter, sequins, stickers, etc
Clothes pins
Glue (something strong enough to keep magnet attached to clothespin)
Button magnets

ClothesPin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craft

Give your children creative license when decorating their shape. These magnets are to hold not just notes and photos but their artwork. If using glitter glue allow time to dry fully before handling.ClothesPin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craft

ClothesPin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craftUsing a strong adhesive attach the magnet to the lower half of the clothes pin. Set aside to dry.
ClothesPin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craft
Glue the shape onto the clothespin so the opening is at the bottom. This works best when displaying sheets of paper.
ClothesPin Fridge Magnet #kids #diy #craft
Save the chip clips for the chips & pretzels and make multiple fridge magnets to exhibit the many pieces of artwork your children are creating at school and at home.