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Join @ConKerrCancer PJ Party, Philadelphia Please Touch Museum

While a world free of cancer would be a dream come true right now we have to focus on research, compassion and treatment. Bringing smiles to the faces of those working through diagnosis, healing and living is one of the best ways to show support and kindness.ConKerr Cancer Pajama Party 2014 Philadelphia #ConKerrPJParty

ConKerr Cancer was created to bring smiles to some of the 44,000 children in the US that are going through cancer treatments each year. Their mission is to bring a smiles to children with life changing illnesses and to make them feel special.

ConKerr Cancer provides children with their own special pillowcase to help brighten hospital stays. For a child a hospital can be a scary place. It may be unfamiliar, cold and intimidating but something as simple as bright and cheery pillowcase can soothe and comfort.

On March 21, 2014 my family has been invited to join other families in the Philadelphia area at the ConKerr Cancer Pajama Party at The Please Touch Museum. The night is put together to celebrate special kids, the PJ Party Stars, and their families with a fun night dancing, silly picture taking, meeting celebrities and even sewing pillowcases. All of the fun will be had in our jammies.ConKerr Cancer Pajama Party 2014 Philadelphia #ConKerrPJParty

If you are interested in attending the Pajama Party or sponsoring a child in treatment to attend tickets are available for just $25.

Donations are always accepted also. Any contribution is welcome and will bring a smile to a sick child.

They spend day after frightening day stuck in a hospital room when they should be outside playing with friends. And each and every day, ConKerr Cancer volunteers work selflessly to bring them comfort and smiles through a simple act of love called a pillowcase.

If you are local to the Philadelphia area and want to join us for this event we’re giving away 2 tickets. Let me know if your family has been affected by pediatric cancer in any way?
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