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Inappropriate Halloween Costumes for Kids

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As a parent we have to make smart decisions for our kids. Have you ever looked at someone’s child and wondered why they were eating that particular snack, playing a certain game or behaving in that manner. Halloween costumes are no better. Over the years I’ve seen some of the most inappropriate costumes on children and wonder what kind of example they are setting. What happened to the days of cartoon characters, superheros and cute furry animals.

Baby Pimp


baby pimp halloween costume

Sexy Soldier


girls sexy soldier

Dead Cheerleader


kids dead cheerleader costume

Suicide Bomber/Terrorist


suicide bomber/terrorist costume for kids

Slutty French Maid


flirty french maid costume for girls

Guantanamo Bay Detainee


guantanamo bay detainee costume



racist slave boy costume

Hasidic Jew


hasidic jewish boy costume



kids gangster costume

I Disclose

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Melinda is half of the mom & dad blogging team from LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too! Over 4 years ago Melinda left the corporate world to focus on raising her children while being a SAHM. With 17 years of parenting practice to 3 kids life has provided her many experiences that are used to educate the family on morals, ethics and the difference between right and wrong. While academics are very important, a full education goes beyond books and grades. Melinda strives to raise children with good hearts, strong principles and a foundation built on love and respect for others.
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  1. Heather says:

    OMG some of these are CRAZY!

  2. I have to comment because I agree and I have seen many inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids and even inappropriate Halloween decorations as well.

  3. Lol! They are awesome…

  4. I think the Halloween costume industry must be desperate to produce product differentiation. Too many vampires out there? :Let’s give everyone something new to look at! A terrorist!

    At least vampires and zombies can only sell membership to the ‘un-dead club’ one body at a time. Although, I think even the most motivated zombie would look at the undead cheerleader costume and reconsider his commitment to a life of eating brains…

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  5. Katie says:

    yeah, that’s all I got.

  6. I think every venue continues to sexualize the younger generation. It’s so ridiculous. Thank you so much for this post! Very needed. Now let’s just hope someone heeds your thoughts!

  7. Orange Juice says:

    I have seen many inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids and even inappropriate Halloween decorations as well.

  8. are these serious?? Wow, we are so sticking to Sesame Street characters!

  9. Very inappropriate costumes for kids. Ugh

  10. I am glad my boys like to dress as super heroes and pirates. nice and simple.

  11. Amy W. says:

    Wow! That is just sad!

  12. Oh wow! That whole list is amazingly horrible and just plain wrong.

  13. Hahaha. Love it!!!

  14. inappropriate says:

    i can’t help it. i find the hasidic baby very amusing. how about if the baby went trick or treating as a hasid, the dad went in a burka, and the mom went as a priest? then, it would be like the joke – ‘a jew, a priest, and a muslim were walking in the desert…’
    sometimes inappropriate is funny and humanizing. it says that none of us is above the other.

  15. Always amazes me people worry bout what kids dress in for Halloween.
    You should be worried that you’re participating in it at all to begin with@

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