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Emilie M. Handbags, style and luxury you can afford

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It’s Fall! That means I make changes to my entire wardrobe down to my socks and accessories. I make the move towards richer colors, warmer fabrics and all around more luxurious items. Last year’s handbag just didn’t have the same lush feeling anymore so I knew I needed something more special.

Emilie M. sent me this little lovely.
handbags for moms and beyond
Well, little she is not. She, the Annabel Tote, is a large double handled handbag big enough for all of mom’s stuff with some room left for the kids. I’m way past the diaper bag stage but I still often become the keeper of gaming systems, notebooks, Barbies and snacks. With plenty of interior space and pockets I’m able to keep my own belongings organized. My wallet, cosmetics, phone and tablet or netbook fit perfectly inside without.

My only wish is is had metal feet on the bottom so it didn’t have to touch floors, counters or even chairs. It’s a dirty world out there.

Emilie M. Handbags are designed for every woman at every stage in their life without having to compromise price. Whether you are a mom, business woman, single girl in the city or everything wrapped into on pick up a bag that’s going to take you through each meeting, playdate or girls night out.  The attention to detail is what makes Emilie M. a luxury accessory.

Shop Emilie M. for the holidays. Sign up for their newsletter and get updates on new styles and awesome sales. Like this Leslie Tote for $45.

Shop Emilie M. if you want rockstar impact without rockstar budget.
I Disclose

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  1. Great review! The purse is really nice! I think all purses should have the metal at the bottom to keep out all the bacteria and germs that can so easily get on there! Looks like this one is of great quality and lots of room! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I have been looking for a new handbag. These are lovely!

  3. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for the review! I will go check ’em out!

  4. Beautiful bags! I love all of the deep, rich colors they feature on the bags. And I agree, little metal feet are a must!

  5. I love these bags I like the turquoise ostrich

  6. THAT is a gorgeous bag!

  7. I love both of those bags! The colors are so nice.

    And I think if you had feet…..you’d just get dirty feet, kwim?

  8. Elena says:

    this bag looks very nice

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