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Help Make the World a Softer Place

snugs across america, charity for kids in needSnuggle is on a mission to make the World a Softer Place. Snuggle fabric softener has launched Snugs Across America, a movement to inspire people to spread love across America.

Each day many children are left with no or very little personal possessions due to difficult challenges they have to face such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, military deployment and domestic disturbances. These children are left to face uncertain situations without the things that may have provided the comfort needed to cope.

Snugs Across America is on it way to providing 10,000 Snuggle bears to deserving children to help give them a sense of love and warmth.
Share a Snug today on the Snuggle’s Facebook Page and get them closer to this goal. Snuggle has pledged to donate up to 10,000 15-inchSnuggle Bears to children in need, with a minimum donation of 5,000 bears, by December 31, 2012 to Hugs Across America, Toys for Tots and My Stuff Bags. For every ten snug photos uploaded and shared on Facebook through November 1, 2012, Snuggle will donate one Snuggle Bear to a child in need.

Upload a picture of you “doing the snug” and help a child in need today.
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