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SoundSleep for Babies and Moms

I’m a person that prefers noise to fall asleep; my kids are the same way. Whether it’s a fan or the television or music softly playing any background noise is comforting to me. Shae and Shaun both go to sleep with music each night and Sabreena has a bonus of having a noisy dehumidifier in the basement bedroom.

I was recently sent the SoundSleep for Babies CD from Sound Science. Using advanced WombEffect Technology this CD uses actual womb recordings the sounds that babies hear while in mommy’s belly but with quiet relaxing music in the backdrop. SoundSleep allows babies to associate the sounds on the CD with the peaceful, safe and cozy environment they were used to for 9 months. The idea is that reintroducing babies to the environment when they were in the womb would aid in relaxation and self soothing.

Shae’s usual bedtime routine is quick. She get a minute or two of rocking then wants to get in her crib. The first time I tried the SoundSleep CD she sat in my lap for several minutes longer and even but her head on my chest. I thought maybe she was just a little cuddlier that night so I tried it again the next night. This time I put my head back and felt very relaxed, not necessarily sleepy but I felt calm and cuddly right with her. I’m not sure if Shae remembers the sounds of the womb but I do think this CD is soothing and calming and she feels that.

This would make a fantastic baby shower gift. We’ve all had those fussy moments and need all the help we can get. To purchase your own SoundSleep CD directly through Sound Science or even download the MP3 directly to your device.