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Wordless Wednesday-Rabbit Hat

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In honor of Easter this weekend, Sabreena in Virginia Beach 2002

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  1. Marianna says

    oh wow, look how young she is!!!

  2. That is FUNNY!!!!!!! LOL

  3. Angie Marion says

    what a cute hat!

  4. J. Leigh Designz says

    Now that’s a hat! Come link up on my WW!

  5. Erin Tales says

    OMG! She’s grown so much!

  6. Felicia says

    This is hilarious!

  7. As They Grow Up says

    Like the bunny hat

  8. shopannies says

    Love it!!!!! Sporting it well

  9. mom2anutball says

    Lol, thats cute!!

  10. Brea's Mommy says

    Love the hat!

  11. That is a very cute hat!

  12. Oh my gosh! That hat has FEET! How cute! And your daughter is adorable too!

    Thanks for stopping by my site! I can’t wait to share many more Wordless Wednesdays with you!

  13. That is too cute!

  14. Diana - FreeStyleMama says


  15. Brooke says

    Hehee adorable… it hat is cute too… they grow up so fast

  16. Where is the the pic of you in the Turkey hat. LOL. VA Beach was such a GREAT Time. I love you!

  17. 2002…hmm…7 years ago…I bet she is HATING that picture now!! It is terribly cute!! LOL

  18. I am Harriet says

    How fun!

  19. A Psych Mommy says

    What a cute Easter hat! Happ WW!

  20. I love her hat! Happy WW.

  21. blueviolet says

    Is she ever a cutie pie!

  22. On The Verge says

    What a cutie! I so need to get that hat!!


  23. Shannon says

    So cute and the hat is pretty nice too.

  24. I feel like I was in Disney. Hats rule there.

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