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Aloha Friday #2

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It’s Aloha Friday already!

“In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend”

Head on over to Island Life and link up with Kailani’s Mr. Linkys and answer hers and everyone else’s question of the day.

Here is my question of the day: Why do you blog?

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  1. I started blogging so that I could continue practicing my writing and to share a part of my life.

  2. Auntie E says

    I started to help me with my Mom death. However it has opened doors in my mind. Now I enjoy reading other blogs and blogging about my likes. That is why now I have 7 blogs each on different aspects of my life. I found it hard to write everything on one blog. Therefore I have a daily life,At Home with Auntie E. Fitness, Ready to get fit. Cookbook site, Auntie E's CookBook. just to post new recipes, but that one is evolving. Book Reviews by Auntie E, I love to read and writing reviews help my thinking & writing skills. Auntie E's Yard & garden site, very new, with the spring and summer I love working in the yard and garden. thought I would show photos and give history of plants and trees. Another fitness site for more personal stuff. and a social organizing site I post on. You can visit all of them , the Links are on all my Blogs.

  3. Anissa says

    For fun — I homeschool so it was a way to meet homeschool families.

  4. Mostly so my family can be updated on my baby girl. But also so I have an easy way of remembering her life.

  5. TO share my life and family experiences with others.

  6. MommyAmy says

    I started blogging out of guilt because I am such a failure at scrapbooking. LOL But I ended up LOVING it! I enjoy writing so much and it has given me a great outlet.

  7. sues2u2 says

    To share our lives w/ our family & friends.

  8. To document our lives, and a way to connect with other like-minded people!

  9. J. Leigh Designz says

    Because half the time its the only adult interaction I have LOL

    I gave you an award :)http://jleighdesignz.blogspot.com/2009/05/awards-i-am-feeling-lved.html

  10. Heart of Rachel says

    I love blogging because I love writing about interesting things in life. I also enjoy meeting friends through blogging.

  11. itsahumanzoo says

    I loved writing when I was young, and then I got away from it. I wanted to get back to writing, and I thought blogging was a great outlet. I also love the sense of community among bloggers. My Aloha Friday

  12. Native American Momma says

    I blog to exercise my brain. I find that when I am a better writer I am a better speaker and conversationalist.

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