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My Little Seat-portable High Chair

Safety is number one when it comes to the littlest ones. This is why we as parents research everything that our children come in contact with from cribs to toys to clothing to gear.My Precious Kid has done some of this work for us since Child Safety is their number one priority. My Precious Kid Child Safety Products and Baby Gear protect your children and give you peace of mind. Choose products based on your needs, mealtime, potty training, home safety and many more. They even carry products to keep your pets, elderly family and children with special needs out of harm’s way. With such a strong passion be assured that everything in their store has been carefully selected to meet parent’s high standards.

Like most toddlers they want to do what mommy and daddy and older siblings do. One of our biggest challenges lately is mealtime outside the home. We go to dinner at my parents often and while their home is open and inviting for my children it isn’t fully equipped for little ones. Mealtimes have been stressful lately since I’m not very comfortable putting Shae in a regular chair, she’s not the sit still kinda kid. I needed a solution to keep her secure in a regular chair.

The My Little Seat-portable high chair is that great solution. Totally transportable and super quick to install this is becoming a staple in my diaperbag. Also with a weight limit of 35lbs this could last most families well into toddlerhood. We recently had dinner at my parents and My Little Seat fit perfectly on their chairs. Shae loved being able to sit with MomMom and PopPop like a big girl. She was safe but comfortable the entire time.

I’m keeping My Precious Kid as my go to place to keep my kiddos safe and healthy.