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Winner Chosen: Mommy’s ER Recapitulation

Barely Domestic Mama, June 18, 2009 8:36 AM

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I’m a little to no medicine kind of person. Not just for me either but for my kids. I wasn’t always like this; I remember dosing Sabreena with cough and cold products when she was little. As she grew up and Shaun and Shae came along I started to realize that these products either did little to relive symptoms or were masking more severe ailments. I started pay closer attention to other things that worked and really prefer natural remedies to things like teething, cough and fever.
Some of these remedies and many more have been captured into one DVD series called Mommy’s ER. Mommy’s ER is a 3-part instructional DVD series that teaches moms (and dads!) safe, simple, at-home methods to treat common children’s ailments naturally. I’ve viewed all three DVDs and was quite impressed with the detail as to where Jennifer Crain has gone into not only explaining the methods but as to why they work. The demonstrations are clear and Jennifer’s voice is calming but confident. The first DVD goes through Acute Conditions such as fever, vomiting, earache and other sudden illness that can affect your child. DVD 2 covers chronic health issues such as asthma, allergies and chronic ear infections while DVD 3 is devoted to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with preventative care such as boosting their immune system.

DVD 3 is my favorite. I’m always wondering what I can do better to keep my kids healthy. I have always tried to keep my kids away from excessive sugar especially processed sugars but to find out that sugar, especially white sugar can reduce the effectiveness of our immune systems was startling. Here is Jennifer Crain discussing the importance of sleep for our children.

Jennifer Crain, creator of Mommy ER is a practicing acupuncturist who specializes in treating a variety of children’s health conditions through acupressure, Japanese-style acupuncture and nutritional healing. Founder and owner of The Goji Seed Eastern health clinic in Austin, Texas, Jennifer divides her time between private consultations on children’s and women’s health, and traveling in search of the newest remedies and approaches to natural healing. Prior to opening The Goji Seed and starting Mommy’s ER, Jennifer worked as a reproductive health researcher at University of California at San Francisco and a virologist for the state of California, providing health care and health education to underserved populations. For six years, she directed public health programs in Latin America, where she developed and managed programs in maternal-child healthcare, nutrition and immunization campaigns. She holds a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine from the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin. Jennifer opened the Goji Seed Clinic in 2005, where her integrated, holistic approach was quickly embraced by the local community. She has also extensively studied yoga and meditation as tools for health and well-being.

If you are interested in introducing natural changes and therapies into yours and your child’s lives than I would highly suggest purchasing the Mommy’s ER DVD series. It is a comprehensive look into a blend of Eastern and Western medicine and it’s alternatives to an over-use of antibiotics and prescription and over the counter medications. Please understand that this information is not intended to replace your doctor’s recommendations or diagnosis but to add to or supplement while you are waiting for professional advice or care.

Jennifer Crain is giving a Mommy ER DVD series to a LookWhatMomFound reader.

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