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Day At The DC Zoo

Friday night Melinda and I decided that on Saturday we were going to pack up the car and we were all going to head down to the National Zoo in Washington DC.

The National Zoo in DC is cool for a couple reasons. The first is admission is FREE, that is right FREE. The only thing that you have to pay for is parking and that is even optional. If you park on the zoo grounds the maximum for the day would be $20 but if you parked outside the zoo and walked in it would be FREE. I like FREE stuff but we have parked outside the zoo once when we went 2 years ago and Melinda was pregnant with Shae and inside once yesterday and after this last trip of parking inside the zoo we will never park outside the zoo again. Even though it is free you have to walk a ways so for us it was worth the $20 to parking inside the zoo.

The other cool thing about the National Zoo is the Giant Pandas and apes. The panda and ape exhibits are where we probably spend alot of our time because they are so cool to look at and watch. The really cool thing about the Orangutan exhibit is they have a huge tower with ropes that go over the zoo from the Ape House to the Think Tank and if you catch them at just the right time you might catch one doing a high wire act from one house to the other. We were fortunate enough to catch one in the act yesterday and we took a ton of pictures, one is below. It was really cool to see and everyone stops in their tracks to watch the orangutan cross over head.

The National Zoo in DC has a ton of awesome animals and exhibits for everyone. They have tons of food and snack shops but we did pack our own food and snacks because we knew that food at the zoo would be very expensive so we brought our own lunch into the zoo which probably saved us about $50.
Yesterday was an AWESOME day at the National Zoo in Washington DC. Melinda and I had a great time and so did the kids and for the whole day we spent only $20. How can you beat that? So if you live close or are passing by Washington DC it would definetly be worth it for you to check out the zoo. Y0u will have a great time.