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Looking For IzeaFest 2009 Sponsorship

Hopefully you have noticed that our blog is different, LookWhatMomFound and PeanutButterandSmelly’s Dad have changed; we are now the husband and wife blogging team behind Look What Mom Found…and Dad too! Melinda started her blog in November 2008 and Rob started his in March 2009 and we never imagined they would be so successful. With our recent blog merger the outpouring of support from our readers and sponsors has been wonderful. As you know blogging has been a great way for us to introduce our readers to great products and services as well as meet some other motivating bloggers.

There is a very cool blogging conference coming up October 1st- 4th in Orlando, FL called IzeaFest. IzeaFest is an interactive event designed to educate, inform and connect social media enthusiasts such as Bloggers and Tweeters. As a blogger this event will help us learn how to grow our site’s traffic and help us build our brand and make our site the best that is can be. We feel this will be beneficial for our sponsors (YOU) as well as ourselves as it will bring more traffic to articles, reviews and giveaways as well as more traffic to your site.

This note is coming your way as we are in search of sponsorship to attend this unique opportunity. We are contacting you in hopes that you would be interested in promoting your program and products in a different way to a target audience of moms and dads. We are looking for financial contributions of $200-$300 to cover admission tickets, hotel and airfare.

In return for financial sponsorship to IzeaFest we can offer you some or all of the following:

1. Advertising on our site until the end of 2009.
2. Handing out your business cards, flyers or product samples or swag to anyone we cross paths with at Izeafest (since there will be two of us I am sure we can get your name out very easily)
3. Brand Promotion by wearing clothing/carrying tote bags/wearing hats with your company logo during this 4 day conference.
4. Blog promotion about your upcoming events, sales or other advertising needed.
5. Regular tweets and posts recognizing you as our sponsor for Izeafest.
6. Adding your logo to the back of our business card to hand out at the conference

We are open to other ideas that you may think are beneficial to your company and products. Please let us know anything else you have in mind so we can work something out.

Why should you sponsor us?

Sponsoring us is cheaper and easier than going yourself. Think about your travel time wasted, time spent manning a booth, sitting in seminars and time spent away from your business. Also think about all the other companies that will be represented, some of those are your competitors; let us help you get your name out there.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together on a sponsorship for this amazing blogging opportunity.