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Wii Excitebots Trick Racing

My kids and I love playing the Wii and are always looking for good games that we can play against each other. We were fortunate to have received a good two player racing game for analysis called Excitebike: Trick Racing.

The fourth game in the Excitebike series, and the second on the Wii platform, Excitebots features a dozen funky bot racers in the form of mechanical insects, amphibians, and mammals. Excitebots: Trick Racing players race around internationally located tracks using their favorite bot which has its own special abilities. You progress thru the game by racing around the tracks at high speeds while doing tricks and performing stunts and playing mini games. The object is to earn stars. You can also earn extra/bonus stars by crossing the finish line sooner. The sooner you finish the more stars you earn so speed is important but so are stunts and style. The stars then can be used to buy a new bot, icons and statues.

Excitebots: Trick Racing can be played with either the Wii remote or the Wii Wheel. The game is awesome using either remote but in my opinion the Wii Wheel gives the game the real driving experience and feeling. After the game arrived at my house yesterday and my son realized what it was he stating the normal harassing hoping I would say yes. Since I could tell he was super excited to try Excitebots I obviously couldn’t say no. The game menus were pretty easy to navigate and once he created a profile for himself he was off to the races. The first thing he did was the training section so he could get familiar with the game and the controls. After he was pretty sure he knew how to play he choose the Bat bot and started racing. At first he didn’t do to well but once he had a few games under his belt he was coming in 1st and 2nd place regularly. When I asked Shaun what he thought of the game he said “Awesome”.
If a 6 year old thinks the game is awesome it must be. I did not get a chance to play but from what I saw I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this game very much. If you get a chance you can pick this game up online and at most major retailers for about $40.00. If you are looking for a quality 2 player race game with a nice bug bot twist Excitebots: Trick Racing is for you. Happy Racing!!!