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Alone With The Kids!!!!

This past Saturday Melinda and my oldest Sabreena went to her sister in laws (Melinda’s brother’s wife) baby shower in Delaware. Melinda left the house around 10:30am and told me she would probably be home around 7pm since the shower wouldn’t be over until 4pm and she had a few errands to run after the shower. My first thought was HOLY CRAP!!!!!! That is over 8 hours away from home plus that is 8 hours with Shaun and Shae ALONE!!!!!! I know, I am the dad and I should be able to handle it which I did but I guess I am just not use to Melinda being gone so long. Typically Melinda is home all day with the kids and with my work schedule I usually see the kids in the afternoon until I go to bed around 8pm. I admit Melinda and Sabreena spoil me in regards to watching Shaun and Shae because I usually do not need to do much when I am home.

My second thought when Melinda told me she would be gone until 7pm was how many times would Shaun cry and ask for things he knew he shouldn’t have. For instance Shaun will ask for gum because dummy me allowed him to have it one time now he feels he should chew it 24/7 and if you tell him no he will either cry or whine on how I let him have it before. I was also nervous about having to entertain Shae ALL day long.

I must admit I had BIG time anxiety about being home alone all day with the two kids but I must say it was pretty laid back and it was a GREAT day. Shaun was good and didn’t whine, cry or complain about anything and spent a lot of time outside with his friends. When he was inside he seemed to be on his best behavior, well the best he could be. Shae was also pretty chill and we played blocked, watched some TV and just relaxed together. She went down for a nap and bedtime super easy and lunch went well also. All in all I am going to say it was a great Saturday and I got myself all worked up for nothing. The kids were great and we had a great day together. So I guess the next time Melinda needs to go out for the day I will not need to get so worked up because me and the kids can chill and have a great day together and it can be relatively stress free!