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Gym Rat Again!

I consider myself to be in decent shape, not great shape because I still have about 20 more pounds I would like to lose first. I am an avid cyclist and I try to ride to stay in shape but my 1:30am work schedule has kind of messed up my riding due to the fact that I am tired all of the time.

I also belong to a gym that I joined maybe six months back so I could do some weight training and try to tone up and lose a little more fat and put on a little muscle. Again, due to my work schedule I have not been to the gym in about three months. The only good thing is over the last three months I have been riding my bike somewhat so I have not put on any weight but I also have not taken off any weight. On Thursday of last week I was a little down and disgusted at how lazy I have become so I decided I was going to make an effort to hit the gym right after work at least three days a week. I get done work at 10:30 so I can be at the gym by 11am and work out for an hour to and hour and a half then go home hit the shower and take a little nap.

I went to the gym Thursday, Friday and Saturday each day working out two body parts. Thursday I did chest and triceps, Friday back and biceps and Saturday legs and shoulders. Each of those three days I also did 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. Again each day I worked out two body parts and I ONLY did two exercises for each body part since it has been three months I wanted to take it a little easy. The morning after each gym session I woke up and felt a little sore but nothing to bad but when I woke up this morning I think the last three days caught up with me because DAM I am sore like an 80 year old man. I was going to head out on my bike for a 30-40 mile ride today but woke up so sore I had to bag that and take four advil.

I will be fine and I am sure tomorrow I will be able to head to the gym or ride the bike but I do feel better going to the gym again. I really want to lose 20 pounds maybe ever before IZEAFest in October so I plan on sticking to my gym and bike routine no matter how sore I am. I know in the long run my body and health will thank me for working out. Stay fit everyone!