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Shae – Testing My Limits

Today I didn’t have to be in work until 6am which is a huge difference from my usual 1:30am so I actually got to stay up past 7pm. Since I didn’t need to go to bed early I attempted to put Shae to bed at about 7:20-7:30pm.

We are still in the process of getting her to sleep in her own bed so we are sitting on the floor until she falls asleep. I don’t know if it is because Melinda usually puts her to bed and I don’t that Shae decided to test my limits last night. We have been putting her to bed with her side rail off so we took it off and stood it against the wall between her headboard and the wall. So as I am sitting on the floor I can see her pull the side rail against the headboard and then let it slam against the wall. I let this go on for a few minutes because like Melinda said she is going to test me since I do not put her to bed that often. After I couldn’t take it anymore I moved the side rail and put it under her bed. Once she saw I moved the side rail under the bed she then wanted me to put the side rail on her bed which I did (Can you say SUCKER). After her side rail was on she was then sitting up and refused to lay down. I then took her binky away since she was playing and not going to sleep. Shae then freaked out crying and Melinda came in and took over the bed time duties. I put Shaun to bed and about 15 minutes later Shae was asleep. I guess she was playing me like a fool.


  1. Blog Queen says

    the joys of parenthood…how sweet it is!!!

  2. Fathers are easy marks…and it gets worse with the grandchildren! LOL

  3. Erin Tales says

    LMAO. They are always pushing our limits.

  4. Stacie's Madness says

    see that pinky of hers??? 😉
    wrapped, but they all do it.

  5. Bill and Lorie Shewbridge says

    Daddy's little girl!!!
    But she's sooo adorable, you just can't get mad at her!!

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  7. Oops! I scrolled down too far and left the comments at the wrong post! I'll repost in the proper place.

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