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Shae’s Birthday Celebration

As most of you know yesterday was Shae’s birthday and she turned 2. All I can say is WOW!!! Did I mention 2 years old and WOW? I swore it was just yesterday she was just a little tiny thing who depended on us for every single thing she needed. Sometimes I think she doesn’t need us at all anymore because she can talk (not great but learning), walk and feed herself. I know that is part of growing up but it is a little sad to know we will not have any more children so that means no more babies.

Lets talk about some more light hearted and funny stuff like yesterday. For dinner we had chicken, french fries and edamame. Shae LOVES french fries and she likes edamame but she really seemed to be into the edamame and not so much into the french fries. The funny part about the edamame was I was trying to get Shae to eat them right from the pod instead of putting them on her plate but every time she would squeeze the pod the pea would fly out of the pod and land on the floor or on the table. Maybe you needed to be there but it was funny as heck and all of us at the table were laughing including Shae.

For dessert Melinda made yellow cupcakes with vanilla rainbow chip icing for Shae. I thought after we sung Happy Birthday and Shae blew out her candle she would go to town on the cupcake but I think I realized Shae is a little lady. Every time Shae got icing on her hands or face she needed to wipe them to get the icing off. Most kids would plow thru the cupcake and not worry about stuff like icing on the hands or face but not my pretty girl she need to wipe every time. LOL.

We also got Shae a musical card you know the ones that play a flashy tune when opened. My grandmother sent Shae one earlier in the week for her birthday and she loved it. It had chipmunks on the front and when opened it played a funny song that was hummed by the chipmunks. The card Melinda and I got her played “I Feel Good” when opened which Shae enjoyed opening every two seconds. LOL. So all in all I think Shae had a good birthday and will get weeks of enjoyment from the musical cards that is until the batteries die which will be good for me.