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Starfrit Eco-Friendly Cookware Evaluation

We’ve made a lot of green changes in our life; paper products, groceries, healthcare choices. Something I never thought twice about was our cookware, I didn’t know there were eco-friendly options out there. Starfrit Alternative Cookware is the green choice I never knew I needed.

• Alternative eco-friendly die-cast cookware
• non-stick surface
• from 100% natural ceramic powder
• CHEMICAL FREE – Easy to clean
• Made of 99% recycled aluminum
• Even heat distribution
• Extra thick base never warps, buckles or bends
• Integrated induction base is for the use on all stovetops including induction
• 5-year warranty with proof of purchase
• Available in 24 cm 28cm sizes

What makes this a great non-stick pan is the 100% ceramic surface, made from ceramic powder, a natural element of the earth. This does away from the potentially toxic chemicals in traditional non-stick pans. I was able to make 6 scrambled eggs with NO oil at all. With nothing left in the pan I was thoroughly impressed. Clean up was quick, a few swipes with a soapy sponge and that was it. We’ve been using the Starfrit Alternative Fry Pan daily for a couple weeks and have no complaints for its ability to cook the food we like to eat, healthier and a bit easier.

The manufacturers recommendations are to add a teaspoon of oil for better cooking results but I haven’t figured out why. Also did you know that you should only salt water after it has come to a boil. The melting salt could attack the metal and coating leaving divets in your pan.

This pan not only passes for being green but gets and A++ for allowing us to cook healthier! Starfrit wants to give LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! readers the chance to win their own Alternative Fry Pan. Visit Starfrit and tell me another kitchen product you would love to try and WHY.

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