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C. Belly Belts Recapitulation

Now that Shae is 2 we’ve started some potty training. Summer potty training was easy since she could run around in a diaper or dress but now that autumn is hitting pants are hindering our efforts. C. Belly Belts is the solution for those struggles. With its unique wrap around design these belts WILL fit your child.

The C.belly™ belt offers a unique open-front design with simple velcro closures. It does not cover the front of the belly so it never has to be removed when changing clothes or using the restroom. C.Belly Belts was designed by mom Lynn Crist from a need to prevent droopy drawers, aid in potty training and promote independence while getting dressed. The belts are manufactured in the USA and are made from durable cotton or nylon and finished with attractive grosgrain ribbon to withstand regular use over many years

The design is quite ingenious actually. The belt goes on like a regular belt, pulled through the loops. When the belt reaches the front it doesn’t buckle but actually folds back on itself and velcros shut. You’re left with an opening at the button or snap with the secure hold to hold up even pants that are sized up.

Shae is new to the jeans and khakis game. She was a stretchy pants girl due to her chubbiness. We recently purchased some cute jeans that finally fit over her thighs and booty but are a tad wide in the waist. C. Belly Belts now lets her wear her new fashions without threat of sliding down. C. Belly Belts has opened a whole new world in our household allowing Shae to have access to an entirely different wardrobe.

C. Belly Belts are available online for $12.99 each or a Value Pack of 2 for $20. Considering the length of time your child could use one it’s quite a good deal. And with so many cute colors, designs and patterns you can find belts to match any outfit for boys and girls.

C. Belly Belts wants to give LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! readers the chance to win 2 belts for their own little ones. Visit C. Belly Belts and tell your favorite 2 belt designs.

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