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Fig Leaf Baby for preemies to toddlers

When a new baby comes along you make sure they are clothed in only the finest, softest material. We don’t want to skip cuteness though. Fig Leaf Baby has brought those 2 requirements together to bring a special line of clothing for little ones sized preemie to toddler with simple but stylish designs.

Combining smart design, creative writing, and high quality materials, Fig Leaf Baby was born! Fig Leaf Baby remains a truly family owned business, and each piece produced is a reflection of the company. Only the highest quality materials are used and each piece is personally checked quality workmanship, and to ensure that production is both environmentally and socially responsible. Fig Leaf Baby – a new design on babies’ first apparel line.

Fig Leaf Baby was generous enough to send a long sleeved tee with Diapered Debutante embroidered on it. The phrases are all simply adorable but this one stuck out because I knew it would be perfect for my sister’s little girl. She will be not just my sister’s first child but the first grandchild on her husband’s side. She is going to be the princess. This is the tee hanging from the baby clothesline from the baby shower.

The tee itself was heavier than a simple undergarment onesie and the embroidery was backed with a special material that aids in supporting that technique but will wash away as to avoid scratchiness on baby’s skin. Made with 100% organic Peruvian Pima cotton, the design is well thought out as well as the sweet phrases. Some are very situation specific, like N.I.C.U. Alumni for the preemies or Curvy for the chubby babies and Play Dating for the social butterflies.

As one of the few providers of preemie size clothing Fig Leaf Baby is dedicated to making people aware of the increase of premature births in the US. According to the March of Dimes, in 2006, 1 of 8 babies in the United States is born preterm. In the past 10 years, premature births have increased 16% yet hardly any baby apparel companies make clothing for these babies. Parents of preemies have to resort to doll clothing, learning to sew themselves, or going through the trouble of altering baby clothes. Fig Leaf Baby believes that these parents are already going through so much and finding comfortable, cute clothes for their little one should not be another struggle. Their preemie garments are made from the softest material and include sayings such as “Small Packages” & “Preemie Donna” which add a little brevity to a difficult situation. To help preemie parents, Fig Leaf Baby will be adding information, a forum, and a comprehensive list of other companies that provide products for preemie babies on the website in the near future.