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Milkshake music Recapitulation

I got a big bottle of Sunshine
Mixed up with a bowl of daydreams
Poured into a suitcase filled with laughter that I found
You won’t find me sitting around

These are just some of the whimsical lyrics you’ll find in Milkshake’s catalog. Milkshake is a Baltimore, MD based kids rock band that have been seen on Noggin, PBS Kids and Discovery Kids as well as concerts around the US. Using music as a peek into the child’s imagination is one way I describe their style. Most of their songs are written from a child’s point of view but there are always exceptions to the rule. You Did It is a song of motivation being sung from a parent to their child. Whatever task is in front of them we as parents know they can accomplish it with a little push and pull.

Milkshake was formed in 2002 as a way for then new parents Lisa Mathews and Mikel Gehl to stay in touch with the music that was going to influence their children’s lives. With a background in indie rock they used their enthusiasm and originality to gain a strong following over the next few years with fellow bandmates Tom Moon, Cord Neal, Brian Simms and Michael Sheppard. Great Day is Milkshake’s 4th studio album and was just released in August along. This album like all the others (we have them all) is a celebration of all things KID. With songs about family, feelings, friends and FUN it touches on the topics that are important for kids.
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