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Monkey Business Sports – SkyRocket ParaSpinner


Do you love toys that get your kids off of the couch and outside and moving? Monkey Business Sports has those toys that not will not only get you excited but will also get your kids excited to go outside and play. Monkey Business Sports has a nice line up of toys like foam crossbows, sky rockets and The Big Daddy EZ-Lasso which was shown on the Late Show with David Letterman. Monkey Business Sports, they build every toy with the simple goal of providing real fun out there in the real world. They promote healthy, active play with their safe toys for active boys and girls. It is their goal to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and toy safety so that they can bring quality toys with style and performance to your home.
I remember when I was a kid my parents use to buy me army men with parachutes that I would love to throw as high in the air as I could then the chute would open and the army man would float to the ground. I wanted to take this one step further for Shaun and get him a rocket with a parachute that we could launch super high. What kid or adult for that matter wouldn’t love a rocket with a parachute that they could shoot a few hundred feet in the air then watch it come back to earth safely via a parachute. Monkey Business Sports allowed Shaun to have this awesome experience by sending him the SkyRocket ParaSpinner. The SkyRocket ParaSpinner is a two stage rocket that splits into two pieces and returns safely via the attached parachute. This rocket was super easy for Shaun to use and he was able to launch it over a hundred feet with no problem at all using the hand held elastic launcher. Just make sure you have a clear field or back yard so the rocket doesn’t get stuck in any trees on it way back to earth.
Here are a few of the SkyRocket ParaSpinner features:

» Flies over 250 feet high
» Parachute deploys at peak altitude
» Sturdy foam construction is durable and safe
» Detailed styling with dynamic reflective graphics
» Easy to use hand-held elastic launcher

The SkyRocket ParaSpinner provided Shaun hours of fun and this is a must have for the upcoming holiday season. Don’t forget Monkey Business Sports is more then just Sky Rockets. They have a TON of cool toys that you have to check out. If you have an active child that likes to go outside go to Monkey Business Sports because they specialize in outdoor fun.