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School Problems Already

As most of you know Shaun started 1st grade this year. I had great hopes that 1st grade would be good and he would love it but that is not the case and we are only 8 days into school.

Shaun’s teacher has a behavior calendar that she sends home everyday to let us know how Shaun was during the day. She has a whole system where they all start on the “green line”. If they do stuff like talk, disrupt class, etc they are supposedly warned then after the warning they need to move their card to the “green warning line”. After that they need to move their card to the “yellow line” then “red line”. The yellow and red lines are extreme and most kids I would guess should not reach that level.

The first 2 days of school Shaun didn’t have to move his card so he got an excellent stamp on his calendar. The last 4 days he has had to move his card which means it gets marked on his calendar and indicates what the incident was so we know. After going to Back to School night on Tuesday I got a not so good feeling about his teacher that is hard to explain. I just have an off feeling again hard to put into words.

Shaun came home yesterday with a note saying he pushed someone while in line. I called the teacher and after a 30 minute call I found out he pushed someone after they pushed him after he accidentally stepped on their foot. Accidents happen and we told Shaun he should never push or hit anyone. From talking to the teacher I do not have a comfort level and feel her behavior chart is nit picking on the kids. I also feel she has labeled Shaun a trouble maker in her mind even though she said each kids starts with a clean slate everyday. Maybe I am over reacting but the last two days Shaun has told Melinda he didn’t want to go to school and made up an excuse like his leg hurt. I think it is because he is afraid to get into trouble. Melinda and I decided we would let this ride out a week or two and if nothing gets better see if we can move Shaun to another class. This all seems crazy to me because Shaun did so well in kindergarten last year and all of his teachers and classmates loved him. Not sure what is going on so far this year. I will keep everyone posted. This is an extremely stressful situation right now.