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Why some professional athletes lack good judgement?

Why do professional athletes think they are above the law and rules. I understand not all athletes and not even half act like this but in my opinion one is to many. When you become a professional you must understand that you are under a microscope due to all of the exposure you receive and therefor should uphold good values and behavior. Don’t get me wrong I love professional sports just as much as the next person but sometimes these athletes act ridiculous and childish and it makes me mad.

A good example of this is this past weekend at the U.S. Open when Serena Williams went off due to a foot fault called by the line judge resulting in a double fault. I understand this call put her opponent Kim Clijsters one point away from victory but does that give her the right to threaten someone. The saddest part of this is Serena Williams never even apologized for the incident. She released a statement saying “in the heat of battle I let my passion and emotion get the better of me and as a result handled the situation poorly.” A statement is fine but an apology would have been better.

Our children look up to athletes and it is hard to explain to them why they behave poorly. We are working hard teaching our children values, integrity and what is good behavior while the athletes they look up to act like stooges. I guess athletes don’t care what people especially the children who look up to them think which is just plain sad.