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10 Reasons Melinda and I Need To Go On A Cruise

Melinda has been wanting to go on a cruise for so long but they tend to be kind of expensive (to me they seem expensive) and I am kind of cheap. I am starting to come around even thought I saw Titanic and a sinking ship scares the crap out of me. I was thinking for our 10 year anniversary a cruise would be cool which is 2 years away so I am coming up with a list on why we need to go on a cruise ALONE.

10 Reasons Melinda and I need to go on a cruise:

1. Other then IZEAFest we have not been on vacation without the kids since we have been married which is 8 years now.
2. Need alone time without diapers or kids asking can they play Wii or watch TV.
3. Around kids 24/7 since we have an in home daycare.
4. Because I have run out of valid reasons why we can’t go on a cruise.
5. 24/7 eating – enough said
6. 24/7 gambling – enough said
7. 24/7 drinking – enough said
8. Would assume it would be pretty relaxing to just lay around on the deck in the nice sunny weather
9. Would love to see the Caribbean and a day or two stop at port would be plenty of time to do that.
10. We live near Baltimore and cruises leave from port often so again no excuses why we can’t go.

Hopefully we can do a cruise soon cause they seem like they would be alot of fun.

Maybe a cruise company wants to do a review. LOL. Wishful thinking.


  1. Creative Junkie says

    #5 pretty much sums up all the reasons I want to go on one!

  2. We did a cheap cruise when we did one of those time-share thingies in Florida. And it was our honeymoon. Other than the seasickness, it was a ton of fun.

  3. Flying Giggles and Lollipops says

    Sounds like you guys deserve one. How fabulous it would be to review one. If they email you, please send them my direction as well! We can eat, gamble and drink 24/7 together!

  4. Jennifer Leigh says

    How about a joint review? John & I will join you! Love the 24/7 logic HAHA

  5. The Jacobsen Family! says

    You guys totally deserve to do that!! Your reasons are great ones… Here's hoping that cruise review comes your way!! =)

  6. Bill and Lorie Shewbridge says

    Oh, you would SO totally LOVE it!!
    Bill took me on a 12 day Mediterranean cruise for our 10 year wedding anniversary, and it was wonderful! You can see some of the pictures throughout my blog. The drinking, eating and gambling are only part of the fun.
    You really deserve it, and you have 2 years to get Shae ready to sleep on her own without you.

  7. Night Owl Mama says

    good luck on that wish.

    I seen the Titanic NO thanks!

  8. Mommy's Hangout says

    I feel you We need one also! We should plan a big bloggers couple cruise LOL

  9. McClure Family says

    i totally agree!! i need a cruise too!!

  10. Greg - TellingDad says

    As an exhausted parent I'd like to say that 24/7 sleeping should be #1.

  11. GrammyMouse says

    Good reasons !
    We have never been on a cruise either… 36 years here!
    Any trip warm would be a plus LOL

  12. A cruise sounds heavenly right now! Hope it works out for your 10 year anniversary!

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