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Flair 4 All Removable Wall Decals

Make a mark without leaving a mark. This is what you can do with Flair4All Removable Wall Decals with Flair.
Flair4All is a design and product development company that’s all about home décor. Everyone needs a little style, or flair, in the space they call their own. They are about helping their customers realize the untapped potential of using walls, dorms, lockers and bookshelves–almost any surface– as a place for risk-free self-expression and creativity.

Shae is too little to let express herself in the décor area. So I took I upon myself to decorate her room with the vibrant Whimsy Flowers in Raspberry Truffle color that was sent to me. The colors and overall flower design complemented her existing bedding and wall mural while adding that pop the room needed. I arranged the flowers around her bed and a bit along the floor. The design was random but in my opinion came out very pretty. I wish I had 1 more sheet to do the other side of her bed or even her closet door but $20 for 3 sheets is an extremely reasonable price to transform a room.

The application was simple, peel and stick, rub a little and your done. A couple times I changed my mind on the position or grouping so I had to peel and move around, it was simple and there was no threat of tearing to pulling paint. Shae has been attempting to peel a couple leaves off but stops when I remind her that they are so pretty now she just tries to sniff them. I haven’t peeled any of them off since the initial application a couple weeks back so I can’t attest to the Smart Release claim. They are staying put, no lifting that I’ve noticed, so far so good.

Flair4All wall decals come in over 70 styles and 7 color palettes, this gives customers the opportunity to choose just the right design for their project. Shae’s Whimsy Flowers are girly bedroom appropriate but they have selections for all over the house and beyond. Boys aren’t left behind either with choices like Rocker Tats and Vintage Vinyl.

Dad’s Perspective: The application was easy, easy enough for the kids to even do. Maybe we’ll get Shaun his own Sports or Extreme Sports and he can put them where he wants in his room. He’s getting to the age where he has an opinion about everything; this is definitely where he can express himself.

This is a sponsored review but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!