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People Watching

Right now I am writing this on a plane on my way back from IZEAFest in Orlando which by the way was a terrific conference. If you get the chance to attend IZEAFest I highly recommend you do.

I want to talk about something that we all do by probably do not admit, People Watch. People watching in places like the airport, mall, and amusement parks are highly entertaining. You get to see so many different makes and models of people. You see the person who is running thru the airport so they don’t miss their flight, the loud cell phone talker right as you are getting on the plane and the parent who is yelling at their kids to behave (I am this parent and would be doing this if my kids were on this trip with me).

As I was sitting in the airport and watching all of these different people I wondered where they were headed, what they do for a living, are they happy in life. Most of the time we are so worried about ourselves and what is going on in our own lives that we never give much thought to anyone else around us. I am not sure why I sit and think like this but it is fascinating how we cross paths with so many different people in a giving day and in life. Next time you are just sitting in a public place look around, People Watch. It is really a fascinating experience.