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VIP Treatment at BB King’s in Orlando

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It is hard to get good service at restaurants these days so I have a question for you. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and got treated like a VIP? Normally I would answer “NO” to this but I can answer that quickly with a “YES” and that was due to a recent visit to BB Kings while attending IZEAFest in Orlando. Our whole journey started due this little thing called the IZEAHunt (If you ever attend IZEAFest you need to register to do this as it was a blast). IZEAHunt is a scavenger hunt where we needed to collect a bunch of random hard to find items, decorate ourselves like sundaes and act like the fools we are, well at least the fool I am.

IZEAHunt started in a nice quaint square with alot of shops and restaurants. IZEAHunt lead us to BB Kings as we were in search of toilet paper and a name tag. You would think being in this square with so many shops and restaurants TP and a name tag would have been a piece of cake to find. NOPE. We went to two to three different places in search of these items before crashing (not literally as jail would have been in our future) thru the front doors of BB Kings. We figured BB Kings was a restaurant so they had restrooms and servers so they surly had to have some TP and name tags. We rushed the hostess station (they were super nice to us even though we came in acting like maniacs due to our time constraints) in search of TP and a name tag. The name tag we got ASAP but they were a little hesitant on give up the TP. Still not sure why they were so reluctant on giving us the TP. I do not think one roll of TP would have shut down BB Kings for the night. So we negotiated with the hostess staff and in exchange for the TP and the name tag we promised that after the scavenger hunt we would return to have dinner. We needed to eat anyway before the evening event at Howl at the Moon so that wasn’t a huge deal.

So after IZEAHunt (we didn’t win, what a scam. LOL) we went back to the hotel and got showered and changed as we were filthy and nasty. So after we were all cleaned up we headed back to BB Kings for some dinner. This time around we walked thru the front door like humans to deliver on our promise we made during the scavenger hunt.

When we get to the hostess stand we are greeted with the hostess telling us their was a $10 cover. Excuse me? Did I hear you right or is the music to loud? $10? I felt like we were going to the club or something. After the initial shock of a $10 cover just to enter the place hit me we stepped to the side to discuss what we should do. We all agreed that even though we made a promise to return a $10 cover was crazy. While standing to the side a man (who we later found out was the operations manager) came over to us and told us to follow him. I think he knew we were dazed and confused about the $10 cover and told us since we came back and kept our word he was going to let us in for free. Can you say Speakeasy? He took us thru the side door to the upstairs of the restaurant free of charge. WOOT!! No $10 cover for us. I think the upstairs might have even been the VIP area but I am not 100% sure of that.

Needless to say he did not need to do that for us but he went above and beyond his duties to make us happy customers. I am sure it also helped that we kept our word about returning for dinner. The food, service and entertainment were awesome. We had fried pickles for an appetizer and they were AWESOME. The portions were huge, tasty and affordable. The live entertainment on the stage below ROCKED. So I want to give a huge shout out to Chris Acosta at BB Kings in Orlando. You made our night with your customer service and provided us with a memorable experience that we will be talking about until we come see you again next year during IZEAFest.

Mom’s Perspective: While the upstairs probably wasn’t the VIP section we were really treated great, maybe they treat everyone like this. We kept up our end of the deal and were rewarded with an awesome band and really Yummy food. Gotta keep my eyes peeled for Deep Fried Pickles everywhere I go now. Thumbs up from me.

This is not a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!

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  1. Erin Tales says

    That rocks! I am glad you guys got some super treatment and a great meal FINALLY in Orlando! LOL!

  2. Greg - TellingDad says

    That was definitely an awesome night. Had I known 'Howl at the Moon' would have been a full night of standing around I would have stayed. That band was awesome and the food?? Well, I could have handled a second round to take home with me.

    VIP treatment aside, it was the best food and entertainment value we had in Orlando!

  3. Linda @ My Trendy Tykes says

    When we go back to Orlando, we are going there! Sounds like a great place to be.

    Fried Pickles?? OH.MY.YUM.YUM!

  4. Christy says

    The scavenger hunt sounds like great fun and WOW @ BB Kings!!!

  5. I really wanted to go to IZEA, maybe next year. BBKings sounds like such fun!

  6. Shellie says

    You should call and ask to speak to him and or leave a message that you wrote about them.

  7. blueviolet says

    The picture of the food alone sold me on the place!

  8. StacieinAtlanta says

    The food looks amazing!! And the management, well they rock. I loved hearing how they helped you guys out.

  9. LOL @ mom's view. We have a BB Kings up Memphis maybe my hubs and I should go check it out sometime. But I probably would be hard hearing if they told me 10 bucks to enter as well.

  10. Brittany says

    That plate of food does look enticing! Always great to hear about superb service at restaurants! I've actually never heard of BB Kings – but I want to go badly now!

  11. Tripzs says

    The food looks amazing!!  I am loving it!!! 

  12. Lucy postpartumillness.com says

    It is so hard to find good customer service now a days. Glad you ended up having a nice time.

    Heres my Thursday post

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