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Halloween Was Sort of A Bust

So this Halloween seemed like a bust for the kids. We went to Delaware to my in-laws and they live in a town house community so you would think candy city.

Nope, you would be wrong!!!

For every house that was giving out candy there were 5 who were not. I know that the economy has been a little rough and I am hoping that is the reason for a lite Halloween this year and not because people are starting to dislike Halloween.

It is ashame for the kids. They get so excited to go out and get candy and get all dressed up only to be done in less then an hour.

I remember when I was a kid every house gave out candy and it was a great night and experience. We would be out trick or treating for hours. I am afraid my 2 and 6 yr old are not going to have great memories of Halloween.

Don’t get me wrong I know Halloween shouldn’t be all about the free candy but that is what the kids are looking forward to.

Considering the amount of houses that were giving out candy my kids still seemed to do pretty well.

Hopefully next year will be better because my 2 yr old really enjoyed telling people “Trick or Treat”.

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween.

Leave me a comment and let me know if houses in your neighborhood were giving out candy or if it was sporadic like where we were.