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MAGHOUND Gives You More Bang For Your Buck

Do you read alot of different magazines like my family does? If so and you would like to be able to receive different magazines each month with no long term commitment then check out MAGHOUND.

MAGHOUND is a monthly online membership service that allows you to choose, change and manage all of the magazines that are delivered to your house.

Here is how MAGHOUND works:

1. Choose how many magazines you would like to receive each month. They have different tiers and you pay based on that tier.

Premium Magazine Note : Some higher-priced magazines, about 10% of those offered, require a small additional charge per month. The charge is variable based on the magazine. Click here to learn more.

2. Search from hundreds of magazines by category or by the magazines title.

3. Manage your account online. Replace, cancel, or add new magazines anytime you wish. If in January you get a magazine and realize it is not for you then in February change your selection and get a new magazine. To me this is the best feature of MAGHOUND.

There are no hidden commitments and no obligation to continue. If you are not satisfied with MAGHOUND for any reason, you may cancel your membership anytime, online, 24 hours a day, with no cancellation fees.

Melinda and I were really excited when MAGHOUND contacted us to do a analysis of the service. We are HUGE magazine readers and probably get 8-10 magazines a month. Now with MAGHOUND we can try magazines that we normally wouldn’t have tried because with MAGHOUND we can change what magazines we get on a monthly basis. We do not need to worry about being locked into a yearly subscription of “Trailer Life”. Yes I said Trailer Life because Melinda and I are thinking about buying an RV one day.

So far MAGHOUND has worked out great for us. I was getting a weekly magazine that I realized was too much to read so all I had to do was sign into our account and delete my weekly magazine and replace it with a new magazine selection for the following month. It is really that easy.  MAGHOUND has a great selection of magazines including ones for the kids.

I also like the substitutes list feature of MAGHOUND. Because of varying publishing schedules, certain magazines do not print an issue for every calendar month. To make sure you get full value from your membership, you are given the optional benefit of creating a Substitutes List. Substitute magazines are mailed whenever any of your primary selections are not published in a given month. This is a great way to sample new titles without increased membership fees.

You can also give the gift of magaizes with MAGHOUND.  Purchase gift credit in any denomination, email or print options to notify recipient and the recipient creates/manages their own account.

With the holidays coming up MAGHOUND would make the perfect gift.

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