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Revenge Is… Recycled Clothing Process

And the Winner is:
jakiesmom said…
i signed up for their newsletter…i like their peace tee

November 4, 2009 10:31 PM

Revenge Is… wearing clothing made from not only organic materials but recycled plastic bottles (RPET). Yes I said plastic bottles! To make the RPET, recycled plastic bottles are melted down and then processed into a fine yarn which, in turn, becomes a soft and silky t-shirt. This process allows the tees to be washed and dried over and over and over without shrinking or fading. You get the luxury of wearing a comfy fashionable tee without the hazards of owning cotton.
Revenge is… more than an apparel and accessories company. Their mission is to bring awareness to the environmental and issues that we face daily by introducing products that help make a difference.

 Global warming, energy dependence, war, economic turmoil, foreclosures and unemployment – these are some of the major crisis facing our world today. Developing alternative sources, practicing “reduce, reuse and recycle” in our everyday lives, and demanding more effective diplomatic and economic policies of our government and business institutions will help. The old saying goes “the best revenge is living well.” Our belief is that, by taking action today, we can all live well tomorrow. 
Our individual actions may not change the world, but our collective actions will. Our message products make the statement that you care and you are part of the solution. Our newsletter will inform you about critical issues we face today. Our blog gives you the opportunity to voice your concerns and solutions about the many challenges we face today.
Sabreena received 2 tees from Revenge Is… The Peace tee send a message that we all want to live in a community that is safe and healthy for not just us but our children yet we are daily bombarded with issues of crime, violence and terrorism. Our Best Revenge against these issues is Peace! The Earth Day tee reminds us that we can collectively change the fate of our world with our positive and sustainable choices. All tees from Revenge Is… are made in the USA and are made using a mix of organic cotton, eco friendly printing inks of course recycled water bottles.  I do wish the tees were cut a little bigger.  The mediums are ok for Sabreena, a bit snug but she likes them that way. they just introduced some more colors, the purple has a  great heathered/faded look.
Become a part of the change; take part in your area’s pressing issues. Visit Revenge Is… blog to learn more about what is going in our government, world issues and our economy as well as pressing environmental issues. Volunteerism is one that that almost everyone can do for almost every cause out there. Help is always needed!

Dad’s Perspective: The idea of recycling water bottles into tshirts if a pretty cool idea.  Sabreena is all about going green and doing more for her community so this article is right up her alley!

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