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Port Discovery Museum

I am not a huge fan of going to museums but the kids had been asking me a lot lately to go to the Port Discovery Children’s Museum and I finally caved in a few Sundays ago. At first I thought it was going to be lame and boring and I would be a clock watcher and be ready to leave as soon as we arrived but I didn’t. It was an awesome time and there was a ton of stuff to do. I even got to play while at Port Discovery.

Port Discovery located in Baltimore, Maryland is fun for the whole family. It started as soon as we walked through the doors and Shaun saw the huge soccer field and immediately wanted to jump on the field and get into the game. They use a soccer ball that is similar to a beach ball and kids get on the field and just play which is really cool. Port Discovery also has the Royal Farms Convenience Store and Fill’er Up Station which is a model of an actual Royal Farms experience with a kid-friendly twist – complete with a refrigerator door that moos when you get a quart of milk. Shae loved this exhibit because she got to go shopping just like mommy and daddy do. Shae also got to pretend fill up a VW Bug with gas which she really enjoyed.

Another HUGE exhibit at Port Discovery is Kids Works which is a three story urban treehouse. In my opinion kids could spend the whole visit playing on this three story tower of fun. This is where I got my chance to play. I know I am a grown man but let me tell you this thing is huge and looked to fun to pass up. I think I made it two stories up before the kids left me in the dust.

In my opinion and Melinda’s the best exhibit at the Port discovery Museum was The Diner. The Diner is a realistic 50’s style diner, kids can “cook” and serve food to their parents while using their math skills to ring up orders at the cash register. Our kids loved The Diner. The adults sat down while the kids brought us menus to place our order then they made the food and then served us. The kids really took The Diner seriously and played like they were real servers and cooks, it was really cool.

Port Discovery is fun for the whole family. They have a toddler room that Shae really enjoyed with a ball pit and a slide. The toddler room had a lot of miscellaneous toys that kept Shae occupied for a very long time.

So it doesn’t matter if you are two or forty two, Port Discovery has something for everyone. So if you are near the Baltimore Inner Harbor in Maryland and looking to kill a few hours be sure to stop by The Port Discovery Museum and enjoy yourself. Tickets are $12.95 for ages 2 and up and under two is free.  Port Discovery Museum also offers three different types of memberships so their is a plan for everyone. Port Discovery Museum is an awesome place to visit and play. ENJOY!!!

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!