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We all want the newest and best things for our kids. How do you know what products are appropriate in terms of safety, skill level and popularity? provides you with all the information you need to choose the right toys for your family. From toy safety facts to free downloadable play guides, this exciting new site is a one-stop resource for caregivers and parents to discover everything about toys and play. Also stay abreast of the latest toy recall alerts with an automatic sign-up feature. lists the best toys of the year, as selected by toy industry experts. The site showcases the top toys nominated for the 2010 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY), recognized as the “Oscars®” of the toy industry. Not only will you discover which toys the experts think are best, but for the first time, kids and parents can register for one (or more) of 12 prize packages, and can also vote for their favorite toys. Download a free gift shopping list which parents and caregivers can take along to store to help in selection the most innovative and desirable toys of the season.
I like to keep up with trends for my kids but don’t always fall for the “popular” toys of the year. This year my kids know nothing of Zhu Zhu pets but they are interested in the Rubik’s TouchCube, K’NEX and Wii games.

The sources listed above are available to aid in your shopping decisions but ultimately we all should buy what our children will learn from and enjoy. Keep those shopping anxieties at bay and let and guide you to a smart choice.

This information was posted on behalf of Team Mom, and Please conduct your own research and purchase products that suit your shopping needs.