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Unemployment Has Brought Me Humility

So it has been a little over a month since I lost my job and boy let me tell you learn a few things about yourself. You start to look at every little move you have made in the past and start asking yourself if you made the right decisions.

Lately I have been asking myself why I took a job in Maryland 2.5 years ago and why I moved my family from Delaware where we had friends and family. I am now realizing that I might have not made the best decision and am now looking to get a new job in Delaware so my family and I can move back closer to our friends and family.

Unemployment has taught me humility and has taught me not to take things for granted. I feel like I am an extremely hard worker and in my next position I will work twice as hard because I need to prove to myself that I can be a good employee. I need to feel like I am making a difference and making an impact.

The only good thing about being unemployed is getting to spend more time with Shae and Melinda during the day. Shaun and Sabreena are in school so I do not see them any more then when I was working although I do get to see them off to school daily which I have never done in the past. I think Shae really likes me home and when I was in Delaware yesterday for an interview Shae asked Melinda “Where’s Daddy” and Melinda told her at work since she wouldn’t understand I was at an interview. Shae then told Melinda “Daddy no at work, Daddy in bathroom. I go check”. That made me crack up. It will be a great day when I get a new job but will also be sad because I will not get to spend as much time with Shae and Melinda as I do now. Melinda also feels Shae is going to be devastated when I go back to work and I think I agree with her.

In the beginning being unemployed really took a negative toll on me but it has also taught me a few things about myself that I feel will make me a better person and employee.