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V-Motion™ Active Learning System hits the mark with Shae

Holiday shopping is easy when you know and love a brand for not just the quality but the power it can have on your children. VTech is one of our go to brands for outstanding products that are fun but also educational and inspiring.
Since Sabreena was little I’ve turned to VTech to aid in the children’s learning process. I remember cuddling inbed with her and her VTech alphabet school bus watching her with letter and number recognition, colors and shapes. Shaun has been using his Bugsby Reading System since the beginning of school with great success.

The V-Motion™ Active Learning System is the newest addition to this household. Shae is always watching her brother and sister play video games and gets frustrated when she get be involved. She often grabs a remote and pretends to play along. The V-Motion™ Active Learning System works similarly to the Nintendo Wii video game platform. It gets her up and moving, playing tennis, driving and hopping around like a goof. While she doesn’t always get the right “answer” she has a fun time working towards that goal. For Christmas we are adding the Little Einsteins and Dora the Explorer to expand on her fun.

VTech is the leader in age-appropriate learning toys and the creator of the Electronic Learning Product category. Since 1976, VTech has been developing high-quality, innovative, educational products and learning toys that enrich children’s development. From infant to toddler to grade school, kids learn through fun, smart and active play.

Give the gift of learning disguised as fun with the V-Motion™ Active Learning System, Bugsby Reading System or any other learning product from VTech.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too!