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Hi, my name is Melinda and I’m a Blackberry addict

I’m addicted to my crackberry….er, Blackberry. I love having immediate access to email, internet, calendars, Twitter and even Facebook. My Blackberry is my lifeline to the world around me. No more trying to juggle who has a dentist appointment, what time the soccer game is and whose birthday is coming up. I’m able to adjust my calendar online and the reminders will be emailed to Rob too. This helps immensely in situations like if I forget to “tell” Rob about Sabreena staying after school next Thursday for National Junior Honor Society. Even down to our blog post scheduling, I can send him notes or alerts for when I would like to schedule something to go up.

We have Blackberrys because we are on the Verizon network and as much as an iPhone sounds appealing with their many many apps I can’t bear to leave the reliability of Verizon. We have little to no dropped calls and I can make calls from inside my home, at the park, inside the mall and library and just about anywhere we go. Smart phones like the Blackberry are a great tool for everyone on the go. Parents who are over scheduled, business people who have a full calendar and bloggers who need to keep track of important relationships all benefit from the organizational advantages that smartphones offer.

Verizon and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and they asked me to talk about the ways my smart phone affects my life as a parent.