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Snazzy Baby 3-in-1 Baby Carrier Recap

Snazzy Baby 3-in-1 baby carrier is the newest innovation in baby-wearing. More than just a carrier this particular item also works as a portable child seat in place of high chairs and a restraint for shopping carts. One key positive point is there is no need to remove your child from the harness to be able to switch function. It’s ‘click and go” system makes the transition smooth and comfortable for baby.

I’ve worn all 3 of our kids and have used all sorts of styles of carriers. The Snazzy Baby 3-in-1 baby carrier is unique, something I’ve never seen before. It’s made for children ages 4 months to 3 years old. I tested it out with Shae while she is under the recommended max weight. She thought it was hysterical to be facing out. She shook her body and kicked her legs and she wasn’t going anywhere unless she leaned too far forward, there was a good chance she was going to fall out. I believe this has a lot to do with her height. I know she is under the weight limit but her dangling legs got in the way of my own walking.

I like that the child sits off to the side rather right in front. This position gives mom and dad the ability to sit and push a cart or stroller or drink a cup of coffee without fear of hurting, bumping or spilling on babies’ head. I look forward to testing this out on my nieces very soon. They are almost at the right age where the head and neck control is needed for outward facing carriers. Something else that is a great feature for moms is the ability to breastfeed while never having to remove baby from carrier.

The “Click and Go” restraint system takes some getting used to but that goes with any new baby gear. The clips are color coded and the included instructional DVD shows you where to guide the straps and how it should wrap around yours and baby’s body. The ergonomic and lightweight design makes the Snazzy Baby Deluxe 3-in-1 Combo Carrier is perfect for moms and dads and being a winner of the prestigious iParenting Award for “outstanding Product of 2009” you can trust that other moms and dads have also said so.

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