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Guess What I Got….

Two balloons and a flute!

Let me explain.  Shae was saying all week that she wanted to get me a flute for my birthday. No idea why because I don’t play the flute and never have. 

So Melinda took Shae to the dollar store in search of a flute, at first they couldn’t find one and when Melinda said outloud “Oh well Shae, they don’t have any flutes” an employee whipped around with one in her hand and a smile on her face.  Shae was thrilled and picked out a orange one.  As they were in line Shae mentioned balloons, Melinda agreed and told Shae to pick them out.  Do you see what she picked?

I got the New Years and Valentine’s Day leftovers, a black star and a red heart.

These are just the gifts from Shae, my bday card from the kids said “To the birthday boy” and had a dinosaur on it and my gift was a pencil cup decoupage with pics of the family. Oh and I got a box of Crunch and Munch from Melinda, because she knows I prefer that to Fiddle Faddle. 

Today was a great birthday.

Saturday my mother-in-law and friends Tim and Cat are coming down for dinner to celebrate so I guess it is my birthday weekend.  WOOT!