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Is It Programmed Into Girls At A Young Age?

Last weekend my mother in law (Gayle) was heading to get her nails done and Sabreena was also going to get her eyebrows waxed.  A few minutes before they left Gayle asked Melinda if she wanted to go to get a pedicure or manicure.  She proceeds to say if you want to come, it is on me.  Gayle is great and loves to treat the girls out to a day at the salon.

While all this was going on Shae kept saying “I want to go with Mom Mom too” and Melinda told Shae to ask Mom Mom if she could go.  Of course Mom Mom said yes because she would never tell Shae no.

When they got back everyone got stuff done while at the salon and when I say everyone I mean even Shae.  Shae’s nails were painted pink and one finger nail had a sun painted on it and another had flowers.  That was last week and Shae has had her nails painted three different times.  Everytime her nails chip she asks for them to be repianted. 

I wonder where  she learned that from!