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Looking For My Blog Groove, Have You Seen It?

I am going on my third week of work and so far so good. I am really enjoying what I am doing but not really enjoying my current living situation. It’s not my in-laws as they have been great but I really miss Melinda and the kids during the week.

Over the last two plus weeks I have been so busy that my blogging has taken a serious hit. I wake up and go to work, get off the bus from work at about 4:40pm; head to the gym and by the time I get home it is 6pm. I shower, eat, and then talk to the kids and Melinda on Skype at 7pm which usually lasts for a half hour to an hour. By the time I am done it is 8pm and let me tell you usually the last thing I feel like doing is reading blogs. I haven’t even really been doing much on our blog either.

When I was at my last place of employment I had downtime where I was able to blog and be in the mix but not at my new job. I am so busy it is hard to leave on time let alone blog. By the time the weekend comes around all I want to do is relax and spend time with Melinda and the kids. This past weekend I didn’t do much blogging at all and I am starting to feel a little guilty. It is so hard to balance life and I feel like I am doing an ok job but our blog is suffering a little from it.

So I want everyone to know that I am still around but just exhausted so be patient. I will find my groove and start to be more efficient in life and blogging. Hopefully!!!