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Shaun and His New Bike

Shaun’s birthday is on the 31st of this month and Melinda and I decided that he needs a new bike this year. We bought his old bike at Toys R Us two years ago and Shaun destroyed the bike. The back tire is bald, hand brakes are busted and it is scratched to hell. Needless to say this was the bike that Shaun learned to ride with no training wheels so I figured it was going to get destroyed.
This past Friday Melinda, Shaun, Shae and I went over to Performance Bikes which is the bike shop where I bought my road bike about two years ago to take a look at bikes for Shaun. The main reason we went to the bike shop was to see what size bike he should be riding. He has been riding a 16” and I figured the next size bike for him would be a 20” but he is a giant like me so I figured we better take him just to be sure. We found a nice GT BMX bike and Shaun took it for a test ride and of course loved it. The bike I was looking at was $200 and since I am a huge cyclist I felt I needed to get Shaun the best BMX bike they had. I think that is the cyclist in me and not the money conscious dad that I should be. So after Shaun got back from his test ride he told us he loved it but his first comment was “Does this bike have a kick stand because I really want a bike with a kick stand”. Right then and their I realized he could give a crap how nice or expensive the bike was as long as it has a kick stand. Have you ever hear of a child basing the kind of bike they want on such a silly thing? LOL.

We got him a Schwinn BMX bike from Target of half the price and it is just as nice. Watch the video for Shaun’s reaction. It told me and Melinda we were the best because the bike had a kickstand. LOL. He cracks me up.