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Why Does Shaun Hate Haircuts?

Why does Shaun hate it so much when Melinda cuts his hair?

We bought Wahl hair clippers about a year or so ago to cut Shaun’s hair. He gets his head shaved bald and I couldn’t see spending $10 plus tip every two weeks to keep it bald. We thought it would be awesome to have clippers and to save $20-$30 a month. Nope.

Every time Melinda shaves his head he cries the whole time saying it hurts and the clippers are pulling his hair. Every time this happens. Why? I am not sure because when we take him to Great Clips to get it shaved bald he doesn’t make a peep. I am not kidding not a peep that it hurts or anything.

I think the only reason he cries at home is so we will take him to Great Clips because he LOVES to get his head washed by the ladies after his shave and he also gets a lollipop.

He is such a con artist!