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Is It Already That Time Of Year?

The ice cream truck is back. It has been coming around since the end of March. I am not kidding you at all. It is so early that the ice cream truck is confused as it is still playing Christmas tunes like Jingle Bells and Silent Night.

What sucks about the ice cream truck is every time Shaun and Shae hear the Christmas tunes they drop whatever they are doing and come running to see if they can have some ice cream. We haven’t said yes yet this season but that is only because we have had Oreo cake, brownies, peanut butter pie and ice cream in the house over the last 3-4 weeks. Shae is usually good when we tell her no but not Shaun. Shaun usually cries and tells us how all of his friends are getting ice cream. In a way I do feel bad but dam we have a TON of junk in the house so why do I need to pay $79.99 (maybe not quite that much) for a Choco Taco (these are yummy and old school).

At this rate with the ice cream truck coming around just about every day it is going to be a long summer. Thank goodness I am not here Monday through Thursday because I wouldn’t be able to handle it but then again I am a sucker. Not Melinda she will tell the kids no and stick with it unlike me. I think we might need to keep an ice cream truck stash in the house just in case we need a fix. See I told you I was a sucker.