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Oreck Platinum Pilot Vacuum Recap

In and Out, In and Out, In and Out

That’s the kids and I now that the weather is nice. We go to the park then come home for a snack then head out to take a walk then come back for a nap then out to meet Shaun at the bustop then back in till after dinner for some last minute daylight running around. All of this in and out means dirt tracked in the house and kitchen. The Oreck Platinum Pilot is my new favorite vacuum!

We’ve been using another vacuum for a few months and it’s been heaven but I might have to say I like the Oreck Platinum Pilot just a bit more. Saying this has great suction is an understatement; I have to hold down the small rugs because the Oreck will drag them out of their spot its suction is so strong; 102 mph airflow strong. I also love that it’s lighter and quieter than our other vacuum. I can actually hold a conversation while vacuuming. I’m not saying I can talk on the phone while vacuuming but I can easily talk to the kids or Rob when it’s on especially it’s lower of 2 speeds. Carrying it up and down the steps is a breeze too, 6 lbs is a big difference.

Excellent for allergen control, the HEPA filtration system traps up to 99.9 percent of dust and allergens down to 0.3 microns. The Saniseal vacuum bag system seals the bag shut, locking in dirt, dust and allergens, unlike dust cups in bagless vacuums that can leak particles back into the home, onto hands, into the eyes and face when emptied, according to Oreck Corporation research. Changing Oreck bags is effortless, odorless and clean. Oreck bags help eliminate pet odors and other stubborn smells, and can hold as much dirt and dust as four bagless dust cups.
The one thing that I’m not crazy about is that I have to always have bags on hand. I like the fact that canisters than can be emptied and you are on your way. I don’t want to worry about Sabreena using the last bag and not telling us to restock.

The Oreck Platinum Pilot has 360˚ Glide Technology which allows you to tilt, twist, turn and move easily around furniture and walls. While it does pivot around the coffee table and sofa I feel our other vacuum has better turn on the dime maneuverability.

It’s not fancy or flashy or brightly colored. It’s a vacuum and it looks like a vacuum and works like a vacuum should. Win your own Oreck Platinum Pilot ($599 value) here at LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Visit Oreck and tell me another product you would love to try.

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